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Pan London Cancer Team news (TCST)
July 2022
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Welcome from Sue Maughn

Head of Cancer, Programme Director, Pan London Cancer Team (TCST)
Since our last newsletter, the team have stepped up a number of initiatives - including several new ones - to improve Londoners' cancer outcomes by promoting earlier diagnosis, supporting the primary care referral processes and improving their experience of care.
Understanding the quality of life of those affected by cancer and the experiences of those from groups of people who we know have poorer outcomes and experience of care have been a key focus for some of the team this quarter working with the stakeholders.

Early Diagnosis news

Improve cancer outcomes of people with learning disabilities in London workshop
Primary and Community Care Education Group (PCCEG) is a joint programme between the Early Diagnosis and Personalised Care workstreams. As part of its priority setting, PCCEG identified people with learning disabilities as a specific area in need of improvement and held a virtual workshop in May, with both cancer and learning disabilities colleagues tasked with developing a set of recommendations and actions for improving this significant health inequality in primary and community care.
  Urgent suspected cancer referral forms get a facelift
The Pan-London two-week-wait cancer referral forms (now called the Urgent Suspected Cancer Referral forms), which have been used to make cancer referrals across London for six years, are having a facelift to make them more user friendly. Although the forms have had changes to ensure they are up-to-date with clinical guidance or other pathway changes, this will be the first time since their creation that they are having a format change in the hopes of making the process of completion faster and easier for all.
Improving the quality of symptomatic FIT for bowel cancer
In response to issues identified by London pathology laboratories, TCST launched a project to improve the quality of faecal immunohistochemical test (FIT) kit return for those being investigated for possible bowel cancer. In June 2021, the team launched a poster for GP practice staff explaining the correct way to complete and return a FIT. During the evaluation of the poster roll out, TCST have uncovered new potential areas for improving the FIT kit pathway and are hoping to join their data with other improvement projects to generate clear recommendations for London that will make the pathway more efficient and improve patient experience.

Personalised Care news

Cancer in the community education project
The Cancer in the Community course is funded by Health Education England and designed for registered nurses working in community settings. It aims to develop their knowledge of cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis, treatment and treatment toxicities, as well as an understanding of the needs of people living with cancer as a long-term condition. TCST are collaborating with Central London Community Health to develop the content and support their delivery of the course, following a very successful pilot in South West London.
Quality of Life and cancer
Following a recent presentation by the Personalised Cancer Care team at the London Cancer Transformation and Improvement Board (CTIBL) an agreed action was to establish a London Quality of Life (QoL) and Cancer working group. The first meeting was held on May 16th with excellent representation from key stakeholders and several priority areas and actions were agreed for London.

Understanding the impact of psychological harm caused by waiting for cancer tests and treatment
Philippa Hyman and Liz Price are working with North Central London and other interested stakeholders to understand the impact of psychological harm caused by waiting for cancer tests and treatment. One key aspect of this project will be to consider how best to assess the potential for psychological harm in order to be able to alert clinicians, provide the appropriate interventions and ultimately aim to prevent psychological harm in the future.

Patient Engagement news

The London Cancer Patient Advisory Group is recruiting
The London Patient Advisory Group is made up of cancer service users from across London and is currently working to widen the inclusivity of members.
The group uses the experience of cancer patients from local hospitals and Cancer Alliances to influence change and help people who provide services to hear from people who need the services; it gives independent advice to support the best decisions on cancer care in London.

Specialised commissioning news

Sarcoma triage and diagnostics pathway review
Liz Price is working with the London and South East Sarcoma Network and specialised commissioning across East of England, South East England and London regarding the network’s sarcoma pathways.
Sarcoma pathways include soft tissue, bone and gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST). At the moment, soft tissue pathways are struggling with capacity and demand for diagnostic services.

Cancer data news

London urgent suspected referral analysis (2021 update)
We have updated our online interactive dashboard to include 2021 cancer waiting times data. Analysis is provided at London, STP, Cancer Alliance and tumor level. This data shows us that over the past ten years the number of patients seen as suspected cancer has increased each year, except during 2020, due to pandemic.

Updates to the prevalence dashboard and conversion and detection dashboards
In 2019 and 2020, TCST worked with national colleagues to develop two fantastic analytical tools. Although the team aren’t responsible for updating these it is great to see them being updated and developed by national colleagues.

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